BulkEmailVerifier Email Verification Tool is a SaaS service, which means there is no software to install delivered online by us.

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What is BulkEmailVerifier Email Verification Tool?

The email verification tool provided by is a reliable and efficient service. It checks for syntax, domain configuration, and mailbox existence to ensure the accuracy of email addresses. With over 4 years of development, this tool can handle high volumes of email verification and deliver accurate results. It also offers a lightning-fast verification process, capable of verifying over 100,000 emails per hour. The tool is backed by robust data security measures and offers priority support to customers. Overall, is a trusted and dependable email verification service.


  • No software installation required, as it is a SaaS service.
  • Supports batch or real-time verification of email addresses.
  • Offers secure and reliable email verification, with data security measures in place.
  • Lightning fast verification, with the ability to verify over 100,000 emails per hour.
  • Trusted by reputable sources like CNET and AccurateReviews for its accuracy and ease of use.


  • No risk of blacklisting your own IP address.
  • Lightning fast verification.
  • High accuracy rate of 95%.


  • No mention of data privacy and security measures.
  • Limited information about customer support options.
  • No mention of any money-back guarantee or refund policy.
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