UnsubCentral Email Verification Tool

UnsubCentral is your all-in-one solution for compliant outbound marketing. Our cloud-based software seamlessly integrates into your systems to protect your brand's reputation with up-to-date opt-out data, reduce your lead acquisition costs with de-duped email lists, and align your marketing and sales teams.

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What is UnsubCentral Email Verification Tool?

The email verification tool provided by UnsubCentral is designed to simplify compliance for small or mid-sized email programs. With a centralized portal for all email compliance data and activities, users can easily manage opt-out pages and suppression lists. The tool also includes custom alerts to ensure partners are meeting set standards. Additionally, users receive dedicated account manager support and one-on-one platform training for a smooth experience.


  • The email verification tool offers outbound email compliance solutions.
  • It provides suppression list management for centralized data.
  • The tool has extensive integration capabilities for numerous email systems.
  • It offers custom alerts and support from a dedicated account manager.
  • The tool provides automation services for list syndication and transfers.


  • Provides a centralized portal for managing email compliance data and activities.
  • Offers custom alerts when partners do not meet set standards.
  • Includes dedicated account manager support and one-on-one platform training.


  • Limited integration capabilities for numerous email systems.
  • Lack of advanced features for managing mega-sized opt-out lists and customer lists.
  • Customer support may not be available 24/7.
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