Web Frolic Email Validator Email Verification Tool

Email validation in real time on website's contact/subscription forms because a real customer starts with real email. Also, validate bulk emails to filter previous customers.

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What is Web Frolic Email Validator Email Verification Tool?

The email verification tool offered by the company is designed to ensure that the email addresses entered by users are valid. It helps prevent the loss of potential customers due to misspelled or invalid email addresses. By instantly notifying users if the email they entered is invalid, the tool helps businesses maintain a high-quality email list and improve customer acquisition. The tool also includes features like format validation, domain validation, and SMTP connection verification to ensure the authenticity of email addresses.


  • Email Validation feature ensures that entered email addresses are valid.
  • Format Validation checks the syntax of the email address.
  • Domain Validation verifies the MX records for the domain to ensure it is a real email address.
  • Email Send Verification establishes an SMTP connection to verify the email.
  • Custom Forms allows for the creation of personalized email verification forms.


  • Instantly tells the user if the email they entered is invalid.
  • Helps prevent the loss of potential customers due to misspelled email addresses.
  • Provides valuable ROI by ensuring that every potential customer starts with a real email address.


  • Limited functionality - only focuses on email verification and does not offer other validation services.
  • Lack of customization - does not provide options for customizing the validation process to fit specific needs.
  • Potential cost-inefficiency - the tool may not be cost-effective for users with a low email acquisition cost or who do not heavily rely on email marketing.
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