WebLegit Email Verification Tool

WebLegit helps validate if someone registering the domain is the actual owner of domain.

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What is WebLegit Email Verification Tool?

The email verification tool offered by WebLegit ensures that customer contact information is valid and correct. By validating email addresses, phone numbers, URLs, and domain names, it helps to avoid collecting incorrect or false information. This tool increases the accuracy of customer data and provides an opportunity to rectify any mistakes made during data entry.


  • Email verification tool offers 100% accuracy for validating email addresses.
  • The tool provides a one-line code for easy integration on HTML pages.
  • It offers a simple and affordable pricing structure with credits for multiple services.
  • The tool ensures security and privacy of critical data.
  • Partnership opportunities are available for business growth and mutual benefit.


  • The email verification tool ensures 100% accuracy, preventing the loss of potential customers.
  • It is user-friendly and does not require coding skills to implement on HTML pages.
  • The tool is affordable and offers multiple services at one place, saving time and money.


  • The email verification tool may have limited accuracy in validating customer contact information.
  • The tool may not have comprehensive functionality for managing and tracking tickets and issues.
  • Security measures for protecting critical data may not be robust enough.
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