MassMailer Transactional Email Service

MassMailer is a powerful and convenient tool designed for sending large volumes of transactional emails, such as personal notifications, automated reports and alerts to your customers or subscribers. With advanced features like real-time delivery tracking, SMTP routing, customizable templates, and easy integration with third-party apps and platforms, MassMailer ensures your messages land in the right inbox and engage your audience instantly. It also provides robust security and spam management, ensuring your emails comply with industry regulations and building trust with your customers. Whether you need to send emails for billing, support, or other crucial purposes, MassMailer helps you streamline the process and get results efficiently.

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Send transactional emails with minimal setup time

Guarantee your business-critical emails reach their recipients with the highest delivery rates.

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What is MassMailer Transactional Email Service?

Transactional email service is one of the products offered by MassMailer. It allows users to send mass emails with ease within the Salesforce CRM. With this service, users can have control over the number of emails they send and make smart decisions on their communication through in-depth reporting on email success. It also provides features like email verification, email alerts, email templates, and email monitoring to enhance email marketing campaigns. Additionally, it offers solutions for mass email marketing, email deliverability, and email attachments for Salesforce.


  • MassMailer: A transactional email service that allows users to send mass emails with ease in native Salesforce CRM.
  • Email Verifier: Provides the ability to verify emails in Salesforce, reducing bounce rates and improving deliverability.
  • Email Alerts: Offers workflow email alerts, allowing users to send and track email alerts via the Salesforce Process Builder.
  • Email Monitor: Allows users to monitor email reputation and track email results, including opens, clicks, bounces, complaints, and unsubscribes.
  • Email Template Builder: Provides a drag-and-drop interface to easily build mobile-responsive and professional-looking email templates within Salesforce.


  • MassMailer allows you to send mass emails with ease in native Salesforce CRM.
  • It offers a simple email Wizard within Salesforce, making it easy to build, send, and schedule professional-looking emails without HTML experience.
  • MassMailer provides in-depth reporting on each email's success, allowing you to make smart decisions on your communications and track results.


  • Limited customization options for email templates.
  • Lack of advanced features such as A/B testing or automation.
  • Pricing may be higher compared to other transactional email service providers.
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