Omnisend Transactional Email Service

Omnisend is a powerful platform designed for post-purchase communication with consumers. The transactional email feature allows businesses to send automated, personalized emails to customers after they have made a purchase, providing them with important information and building brand loyalty. With Omnisend's easy-to-use interface, businesses can design and customize their emails to match their brand and engage their customers with targeted content. Plus, with real-time reporting and advanced analytics, businesses can track their email performance and optimize their campaigns for better results. Omnisend's transactional email feature is perfect for ecommerce businesses looking to streamline their post-purchase communication and build stronger customer relationships.

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Send transactional emails with minimal setup time

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What is Omnisend Transactional Email Service?

A transactional email service is a platform that allows businesses to send automated and personalized emails to their customers based on specific triggers or actions. These emails are typically sent after a transaction or interaction has taken place, such as a purchase confirmation, shipping notification, password reset, or newsletter subscription. The service enables businesses to efficiently manage and automate their email communications, providing a seamless and professional experience for their customers. By enabling JavaScript and cookies, businesses can maximize the effectiveness of their transactional emails by tracking user behavior and personalizing the content based on user preferences.


  • JavaScript and cookies are required for uninterrupted usage of the transactional email service.
  • The service ensures smooth and efficient communication through transactional emails.
  • It provides a reliable and secure platform for sending transactional emails.
  • The service enables personalized and targeted communication with customers.
  • It offers various customization options to tailor transactional emails according to individual needs.


  • Seamless and efficient communication: The transactional email service allows for fast and reliable delivery of important messages.
  • Personalized customer engagement: The service enables customization of emails based on user preferences, creating a more engaging and targeted communication.
  • Improved deliverability and open rates: With proper configuration and infrastructure, the service enhances the chances of emails reaching recipients' inboxes and being opened.


  • Requires users to enable JavaScript and cookies, which may cause compatibility issues for some users.
  • May result in increased website loading time due to the need for JavaScript and cookies.
  • Users may have concerns about privacy and data tracking if cookies are required to use the service.
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