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Ecommerce Email Marketing with Chase Dimond

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How Data and AI Transform Lifecycle Marketing

In this episode of Grwoth Chat, we have Paul Meinshausen, the co-founder at @aampe. He discussed the up-and-coming tech that’s going to completely revolutionize lifecycle marketing and how you can use it to convert more of your dormant users into high-value customers.

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5 Easy Way to Land Your Emails in The Inbox

Check out our conversation with Brain Minnick, CTO @ZeroBounce, to listen to what he has to share about email deliverability and his 5 tips that will help you improve your inbox placement rate.

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How to Create a Winning Welcome Sequence

Tune in to learn about benefits of having a welcome email series and steal Eman's 4-step welcome sequence to nurture your new customers.

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How to Find Message-Market Fit for Your Business

Listen to our conversation with Diane Wiredu, where she discusses finding your message-market fit and shares a secret framework to write compelling messaging here.

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