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Use Customer Research to Supercharge your Growth

Startups are confused about customer research. They think it slows them down. But are you still wasting money on content initiatives and paid traffic with no conversions to show for it?

What if instead of troubleshooting leaky funnels, wondering “But why didn’t it work?!” when website visitors leave without signing up for a demo or trying to fix high bounce rates on your landing pages, you could be confident in your messaging and know exactly what to say in your copy to attract your startup’s ideal customers — across all channels?

Running customer research can seem intimidating. But it works.

In this episode, Ekaterina Howard to covered the following topics:

Customer research: a waste of time or a shortcut to success?

The easiest way to overcome your biases and find the messages that convert (hint: it involves talking to your customers)

  • How to find hidden conversion opportunities that’ll inform your research questions

  • How to overcome the fear of reaching out to your customers to transform your inbound and outbound marketing

  • How to survive your first customer interview — and get epic voice-of-customer copy insights

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