The Experimental Mindset: How Kasey Luck Drives 2x-5x Conversions

In this episode, we sit down with Kasey Luck, an email marketer for over 10 years and the founder of Luck and Co. Her agency makes a simple promise to ecommerce brands - to double their email revenue in the first month. And that’s what we dive into - the experimental mindset, data-drivenness, and the pivotal role of owned marketing that allows such growth.


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Kasey Luck, the founder of Luck and Co, shares what it takes to 2x-5x email revenue which she regularly does for e-commerce brands. She dives into the things that allow such growth like:

✅ Running continuous experiments
✅ Making data-driven decisions
✅ Balancing owned media with borrowed media

Key Moments: 05.00 - Organizational skills for events
33.15 - Best practices for optimizing popups
45.00 - Leveraging big holidays for sales
53:06 - Brand examples with great emails

Meet the Speaker


Kasey Luck

Founder & CEO, Luck & Co

Kasey Luck has been working in email marketing for over a decade and is the founder of the agency Luck and Co. Her agency makes a simple promise to ecommerce brands - to 2x their email revenue in the first month, and they do it regularly. Kasey started out in events marketing before pivoting to ecommerce but through it all, some things have remained constant - like her love for organization, the thrill of seeing numbers go up, and the urge to continuously innovate.

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