Exposing Growth Secrets with Liz Kressel: Conversion Lift Strategies Unveiled

In this episode, we sit down with Liz Kressel, the ecommerce strategist known to lift conversions by 50%! She shares her insights on brand positioning, different digital strategies and platforms, and the importance of an optimized website


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Liz Kressel shares her insights on how to deliver the best user experience. After all, conversions depend on whether your customer can easily find all the information they need to make a decision about your product. Liz shares how you can achieve this with the help of branding, design, and concise copywriting.

  1. Brand identity comes first - figure out who you are, what you do, and what makes you unique.

  2. Optimize your site so well, that even your grandma can navigate it, i.e, minimum clicks, clear messaging, and great UX throughout

  3. Avoid overusing discounts for sales and use more sustainable strategies instead.

  4. Sales from your own website give you the most insight because you own the data

  5. Implement a marketing strategy across different channels.

Tips & Advice

  • For new brands, focus on branding, website optimization, and organic search first. Don’t consider ads before you’ve nailed all of this.

  • When it comes to different digital platforms - live shopping has unparalleled conversion and engagement rates.

  • Be cautious with discounts. Reserve them for suitable holidays or significant milestones for the brand.


Liz believes in prioritizing conversions over aesthetics. This is most true for fashion and beauty brands, where the solutions leading to the best business outcomes may not match their preferences.

Key moments:

08.11 - Website optimization

13.07 - Interpreting customer feedback

25.01 - The power of live shopping

34.45 - Fundamentals for website building

59.49 - Budget allocation for small brands

Actionable learnings

Understanding Customer Base

To address and solve customer problems, you must first understand them.

  1. Conduct market research to identify target audience demographics and preferences.

  2. Create customer personas to personalize communication strategies.

  3. Tailor messaging and content to address specific customer pain points.

Simplifying User Paths on Websites:

Every point that adds friction to the user experience will impact your conversions. Minimize such losses by:

  1. Conduct a website audit to identify unnecessary steps and content.

  2. Design clear user pathways with minimal clicks to essential information.

  3. Prioritize key information and eliminate unnecessary elements for a cleaner interface.

Establishing Brand Identity:

Why should a customer choose you over any other competitor? You need to set yourself apart and for that you must:

  1. Define core brand values, mission, and unique selling propositions.

  2. Ensure brand identity is reflected across all touchpoints, from website to marketing materials.

  3. Regularly review and refine brand messaging to maintain consistency and relevance.

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Meet the Speaker


Liz Kressel

CEO, Lizard Strategy

Liz Kressel is the ecommerce strategist known for lifting conversions by 50% through proven solutions. She heads her own agency, Lizard Strategy, and is bullish on the impact of website optimization on the growth of any ecommerce brand. She started in the media industry, before shifting torwards the consumer side, and has since built a knack of understanding consumer behavior that holds true across all industries. That’s how she suggests brands grow - by deeply understanding and solving customer needs.

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