Exposing Growth Secrets with Liz Kressel: Conversion Lift Strategies Unveiled

In this episode, we sit down with Liz Kressel, the ecommerce strategist known to lift conversions by 50%! She shares her insights on brand positioning, different digital strategies and platforms, and the importance of an optimized website


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Liz Kressel shares her insights on how to deliver the best user experience. After all, conversions depend on whether your customer can easily find all the information they need to make a decision about your product. Liz shares how you can achieve this with the help of branding, design, and concise copywriting.

Key moments:

08.11 - Website optimization

13.07 - Interpreting customer feedback

25.01 - The power of live shopping

34.45 - Fundamentals for website building

59.49 - Budget allocation for small brands

Links & Resources from this episode:

Liz’s favorite book about branding

Brands that are doing a great job with their emails:

Meet the Speaker


Liz Kressel

CEO, Lizard Strategy

Liz Kressel is the ecommerce strategist known for lifting conversions by 50% through proven solutions. She heads her own agency, Lizard Strategy, and is bullish on the impact of website optimization on the growth of any ecommerce brand. She started in the media industry, before shifting torwards the consumer side, and has since built a knack of understanding consumer behavior that holds true across all industries. That’s how she suggests brands grow - by deeply understanding and solving customer needs.

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