How to Craft Relationship-Building Content with Dennis Shiao

In this episode, we follow Dennis Shiao’s journey to find the common thread between content marketing and community building: meaningful relationships. We dive into different content strategies, and practices to make content helpful and balance it all with business goals.


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Dennis Shiao’s motto about making content helpful is simple enough. But content marketing also has the pressure to further business goals. So, he shares his insights into ways you can make both of these things happen.

Key Moments:

10.14 - Dealing with technological transformations

14.14 - Comparing content marketing and social media

20.00 - Different approaches to content marketing

32.29 - Community-building

48.06 - The power of email marketing

Meet the Speaker


Dennis Shiao

Dennis Shiao has been in the tech industry for 30 years and a content marketer for 20. He’s the founder of Attention Retention as well as the Bay Area Content Marketing Meetup Community. While the industry has evolved in leaps and bounds, Dennis bases his strategies on never-changing fundamentals for his content and community - understand your audience’s needs and be helpful.

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