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How to create memorable customer experiences with Ren from Tushy

In this episode we sit down with Ren, Sr. Director of Customer Experience for Tushy. Tushy’s become a brand that people love for their great marketing and even better customer experience. So that’s what we set out to decode - the brand values and strategies that helped Tushy become this beloved brand.


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Most companies see CX as a cost center, but when done strategically it builds brand loyalty and drives growth. Here are 5 takeaways from Ren experience in Tushy that can be applied to your own business::

  1. Add personality to your brand. Use humor, and relatability to create moments of delight to resonate with customers.

  2. Create strong feedback loops and over-communicate across all teams (marketing, CX, ops) to ensure every touchpoint with the customer is impactful.

  3. Establish core brand values and let these guide your decisions when you’re not sure about the best next action.

  4. In your early stages, target your message to a niche, underserved audience and win them over before going broad.

  5. View feedback, especially negative feedback, as an opportunity to iterate and improve

Key Moments:

7.39 - How to create a holistic delightful customer experience

12.06 - Examples of when Tushy went above and beyond for their customers

15.16 - Creating a distinct, approachable brand voice

20.15 - Getting users to actually use your product after buying

23.49 - How to figure out your brand values

30.35 - On cross-team communication and creating feedback loops

36.13 - Inspiring brands with great customer experience

46.46 - Adapting your online business’ CX strategy to retail stores

Meet the Speaker


Ren Fuller-Wasserman

Sr. Director of Customer Experience, Tushy

Ren has been working with D2C for the past 10 years after spending the first decade of her career in academia as a researcher and then as a teacher. She now leads the experiences strategy for Tushy, this bidet brand people have grown to love. Customer-obsessed to the core, her guiding light is just this - people over profits.

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