Pinpointe On-Demand Email Deliverability Tool

Pinpointe’s multi-level structured Email Marketing is designed for businesses and agencies sending high email volumes. A collaborative platform where marketing teams can create, develop, send and track successful email marketing campaigns at scale.

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What is Pinpointe On-Demand Email Deliverability Tool?

Pinpointe On-Demand is an email deliverability tool that offers a range of features to enhance email marketing campaigns. It includes over 1,000 mobile-friendly email templates, ensuring that campaigns look great on various devices. The tool also focuses on inbox delivery, with high acceptance rates achieved through permission-based email marketing and reputation monitoring. Pinpointe also offers the ability to automate email campaigns, creating drip sequences and trigger campaigns based on prospect behavior. Additionally, the tool allows for precision targeting using smart segments, combining behavioral and demographic information. Social sharing buttons can be easily added to emails, and real-time website tracking and analytics are integrated for a comprehensive view of contact and prospect activities.


  • Largest library of pre-tested, mobile-friendly email templates.
  • High inbox delivery rates of 96% to 99%.
  • Powerful automated emails and trigger campaigns.
  • Smart-segments for precise targeting.
  • Integration of real-time website tracking and analytics.


  • Largest library of pre-tested, mobile-friendly email templates.
  • High inbox delivery rates of 96% ~ 99%.
  • Powerful automated email and trigger campaign capabilities.


  • Limited library of pre-tested, mobile-friendly email templates.
  • Inconsistent inbox delivery rates for some customers.
  • Lack of advanced segmentation and targeting options.
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