Premailer Email Deliverability Tool

Premailer is a preflight for HTML e-mail that makes CSS inline, converts links and warns about unsupported code.

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What is Premailer Email Deliverability Tool?

Premailer is an email deliverability tool that helps optimize HTML emails for better delivery. It tackles the challenge of converting CSS styles to inline style attributes, ensuring that the email renders correctly across different email clients. It also checks and preserves existing inline attributes, converts relative paths to absolute paths, and checks CSS properties against e-mail client capabilities. In addition, Premailer creates a plain text version of the email. Overall, it streamlines the process of making HTML emails more manageable and ensures better deliverability.


  • Premailer is a pre-flight tool for HTML email.
  • It can convert CSS styles to inline style attributes.
  • It checks and converts relative paths to absolute paths.
  • It checks CSS properties against email client capabilities.
  • It creates a plain text version of the email.


  • Converts CSS styles to inline style attributes for better email deliverability results.
  • Checks style and link[rel=stylesheet] tags and preserves existing inline attributes.
  • Creates a plain text version of the email.


  • CSS should be inline, making a simple newsletter unmanageable quickly.
  • The * selector can create messy code.
  • Only certain media types are processed.
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