Postup Email Deliverability Tool

PostUp delivers email and audience development solutions for publishing & media brands. We reach, grow, engage, and monetize audiences directly with first party data. With over 20 years of experience, PostUp delivers business outcomes for the world’s leading publishers, maximizing audience value through proven tools, automation, and strategic services. PostUp is your partner for what’s next in digital publishing.

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What is Postup Email Deliverability Tool?

PostUp is an email marketing tool designed specifically for publishers. It offers features that help publishers grow and engage their audience at scale. With PostUp, publishers can automate email assembly and deployment processes, integrate with content management systems, and deliver personalized experiences based on first-party data. It also provides audience development tools that maximize direct audience with email capture and browser push. PostUp users have reported better deliverability and higher open and click-through rates since using the platform.


  • Email marketing software for publishers
  • Automate email assembly and deployment processes
  • Build audience relationships and capture email addresses
  • Deliver relevant email content through actionable audience segments
  • Better deliverability and higher open and click-through rates


  • Improved deliverability and higher open rates with PostUp.
  • PostUp meets and exceeds expectations.
  • Easy email automation and audience development tools.


  • Limited customer support for troubleshooting and problem-solving.
  • Lack of integration options with popular content management systems.
  • May not deliver on all promised features and functionalities.
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