Adjust Media Email Marketing Agency

Adjust Media is an e-commerce advertising and marketing firm located in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2016, they comprise three employees specializing in digital advertising for small and midmarket e-commerce businesses. Services include SMM, account auditing, Google Ads, creative development, and pixel placement.

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What is Adjust Media Email Marketing Agency?

Adjust Media is an email marketing agency that offers a range of services to help Ecommerce businesses grow. They have a proven methodology and use a data-driven approach to identify areas for improvement in a business's purchase funnel. They specialize in audience segmentation, paid social management, email management, account audit, Adwords management, creative development, and pixel placement and audit. With their expertise, they have achieved significant results for their clients, including decreasing CPAs, increasing ROAS, scaling businesses, and boosting performance. The agency is led by Uri Weinberger, the owner and director, and has a team of experienced professionals. They take a small-business approach and prioritize building relationships with their clients. Clients have praised Adjust Media for their communication, expertise, and ability to deliver results. They have been featured on Klaviyo and have won awards for their work in the industry.


  • Adjust Media is a Klaviyo Silver Partner.
  • They offer paid social management and email management services.
  • Clients have reported a 20% increase in sales each month they've run ads with Adjust.


  • Adjust Media helped a Yoga Festival Company decrease their cost per acquisition by 50%.
  • Adjust Media achieved a 700% year-over-year growth for Tango Charlie Apparel's monthly recurring revenue.
  • Adjust Media increased Muse's return on ad spend by 60% while doubling their ad spend.
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