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Blue Key Digital Marketing is a social media marketing agency. They are in Johannesburg, South Africa and have a small team. Their services include social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, pay per click, and more.

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Taqtiqs: Middle East & Africa Route To Market,KickstArt Theatre: Theatrical Experiences Crafted With Care,RnH Displays: Designed & Manufactured Display Solutions,The Grumpy Homos: TV/Video Content Producers

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What is Blue Key Digital Email Marketing Agency?

Blue Key Digital is a South Africa-based digital marketing agency that focuses on connecting brands with people who care. They offer a range of services including market research, website design, social media content development, online advertising, and email marketing. With over 30 years of entrepreneurial and corporate leadership, founder Calum Stevenson is dedicated to delivering exceptional results. Blue Key Digital aims to help businesses grow their online presence by connecting them with their target audience and driving customer engagement and loyalty.


  • Blue Key Digital is a digital marketing agency based in South Africa.
  • They offer services such as email marketing, social media content development, and market research & analytics.
  • The founder, Calum Stevenson, has 30 years of entrepreneurial and corporate leadership experience.


  • Blue Key Digital helps businesses acquire customers by targeting people who are interested in their brand.
  • Blue Key Digital engages communities who care about a brand, leading to free promotion and brand advocacy.
  • Blue Key Digital assists businesses in retaining loyalty from customers, saving on advertising costs as a result.
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