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Connection Incorporated is an SEO agency headquartered in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. The team of about 50 employees specializes in SEO, web design, CRM consulting, email marketing, marketing strategy, direct marketing, and content marketing.

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Lush Woodcraft,Dominion Lending Centres,RE/MAX,

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2 - 9 Employees

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What is Connection Incorporated Email Marketing Agency?

Connection Incorporated is an email marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses connect with their customers and increase their revenue. They offer services such as lead generation, appointment booking, and referral partnerships. Their team of Concierge Specialists average 5 qualified appointments per day, helping businesses to fill their calendars with qualified prospects. Connection Incorporated also offers various packages, including CRM software, marketing campaigns, and concierge services, to fit the specific needs of their clients. They prioritize results and have a proven track record of driving successful outcomes for their clients.


  • Connection Incorporated specializes in filling calendars with qualified appointments from referral partners and prospects.
  • The agency's Concierge Specialists book an average of 5 qualified appointments per day.
  • Connection Incorporated offers various packages, including a beginner package, intermediate package, advanced package, and elite package, to cater to different needs and budgets.


  • Connection Incorporated email marketing agency offers a proven Executive Concierge Program that helps fill your calendar with qualified appointments.
  • With Connection Incorporated, each Concierge Specialist books an average of 5 qualified appointments per day, ensuring a steady stream of potential clients.
  • Connection Incorporated helps you increase your conversion rate by improving your sales process, resulting in higher revenue without the need for more leads or increased ad spend.
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