ContentPros (formerly Gingerbread) Email Marketing Agency

ContentPros is a marketing agency in Carbondale, Colo. They have about 10 employees that serve mostly small businesses in the advertising, business, consumer products, and IT sectors. Services include content marketing, digital strategy, social media marketing, and email marketing.

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Datapine,Photo Up,The Weinheimer Group,NuSvara

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2 - 9 Employees

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What is ContentPros (formerly Gingerbread) Email Marketing Agency?

ContentPros (formerly Gingerbread) is an email marketing agency that offers premium content writing and managed marketing services. They provide high-performing content for businesses and agencies worldwide, helping them scale their content marketing efforts. With a team of native English-speaking industry experts, ContentPros develops value-driven content that can achieve specific business goals such as improving SEO, generating leads, and establishing brands as thought leaders in their industries. They guarantee world-class quality with edited, publish-ready content delivered on time and offer consultative challenge reads and unlimited revisions until clients are fully satisfied. By streamlining content marketing in a simple and scalable way, ContentPros helps businesses implement their content strategies and achieve measurable goals.


  • Fully managed writing team for scalable content marketing efforts.
  • Native English-speaking industry experts providing niche expertise.
  • Value-driven content to achieve specific business goals.


  • ContentPros provides fully managed writing teams, allowing businesses to scale their content marketing efforts without the hassle of hiring and managing writers.
  • ContentPros offers industry expertise on demand, ensuring that businesses receive content from native English-speaking industry experts who can bring their marketing voice to life.
  • ContentPros delivers value-driven content that is tailored to achieve specific business goals, whether it's improving SEO, generating new leads, or establishing a brand as an industry thought leader.
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