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Growthonics is a marketing firm founded in London in 2014. With over 1,000 members, they offer email marketing and business consulting solutions to small and mid-market agencies in the field of business services.

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Panasonic, TimeOut, Twitter, TimeInc, Spotify, American Express, TM Lewin, Creditsafe, JustEat, City Panty, Wonderful, Startupbootcamp, Quantcast, Big Ideas Machine, Ascent, Hussle, Doordash, Dale Carnegie, TOG, JustPark, Fonteva

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250 - 999 Employees

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What is Growthonics Email Marketing Agency?

Growthonics is a lead generation company that specializes in helping B2B companies achieve their business growth goals. They offer a range of services, including data management, lead research, outbound marketing, and sales development. With a team of experienced professionals and access to a vast network of data sources, Growthonics is able to provide clients with a reliable flow of leads and qualified meetings. They work closely with CEOs, founders, and sales and marketing leaders to develop tailored solutions that drive growth and scale sales opportunities. Trusted by over 300 companies, Growthonics has a proven track record of success in helping businesses expand their reach and increase revenue.


  • Growthonics is a lead generation company that helps B2B companies achieve business growth by delivering a predictable sales pipeline.
  • They combine specialized human skills, technology, and sophisticated omnichannel prospecting to generate leads and drive growth.
  • Growthonics has been trusted by over 300 companies and offers services such as email marketing, lead research, and outbound marketing.


  • Growthonics is a trusted lead generation company that has been recommended by more than 300 companies.
  • They utilize specialized human skills, technology, and omnichannel prospecting to deliver a consistent flow of leads and qualified meetings for their clients.
  • Growthonics allows sales teams to focus on selling by taking care of lead generation, resulting in increased conversion rates and business growth.
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