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Savii Digital is a digital and blockchain marketing agency that is located in Parnu,Estonia. Savii Digital's team of 9 employees has been specializing in social media, email marketing, and advertising since the firm's founding in 2016.

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Thought,Crypto Finance,Coinstarter,Coinstore

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10 - 49 Employees

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What is Savii Digital Email Marketing Agency?

Savii Digital Media Agency is an expert in creating content focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency. They offer award-winning books and courses that explain this space in plain English, without any jargon. They also own and operate, a popular podcast with a diverse audience of over 150,000 fans. Additionally, they run, the world's only cryptocurrency and blockchain-focused radio station, with 300,000 monthly listeners. Savii Media and Savii Publishing publish educational videos, online courses, and books on AI, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain Technology. Overall, Savii Digital is a trusted source for media and educational support in the crypto and blockchain industry.


  • Experts in creating content focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  • Offer award-winning books and courses to help people understand the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.
  • Own and operate, a popular podcast with an audience of over 150,000 unique fans, available on various podcasting platforms.


Benefits of Savii Digital email marketing agency:

  • Expertise in creating content focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  • Award-winning books and courses to help understand the space in plain English with no jargon.
  • Wide reach with a popular podcast available on over 70 podcasting platforms and a loyal fan base.
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