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Sheri Otto is a freelance marketer in Rock Hill, S.C. She provides digital strategy, email marketing, and branding for a range of clients. Sheri founded the company in 2017.

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What is Sheri Otto Email Marketing Agency?

Sheri Otto is an email marketing agency that specializes in helping small and medium-sized businesses drive demand and increase revenue. Sheri is known for her data-backed initiatives and her expertise in behavioral science, which have resulted in significant increases in lead-to-opportunity conversion rates. The agency offers customized demand generation playbooks that address the unique needs and goals of each SMB, optimizing resources, fostering collaboration, and incorporating compelling customer-centric messaging. With a proven process that includes evaluation, playbook creation, and regular reporting and support, Sheri Otto helps businesses create powerful demand generation strategies that deliver results.


  • Sheri Otto specializes in creating customized demand generation playbooks for SMBs.
  • Sheri's playbooks optimize resources, foster collaboration, and incorporate compelling messaging to drive higher conversions.
  • Sheri follows a proven process of evaluation, playbook creation, and regular reporting and support to deliver outsized demand impact.


  • Sheri Otto's email marketing agency provides customized demand generation playbooks tailored to each SMB's unique needs and goals.
  • The agency helps optimize resources, ensuring efficient allocation and maximum impact for SMBs.
  • Sheri Otto's playbooks incorporate customer-centric messaging and leverage behavioral science techniques to influence the target audience effectively and drive higher conversions.
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