Small Giant Email Marketing Agency

Small Giant is a marketing agency based in Encino, Calif. Founded in 2016, their team of around 5 employees specializes in marketing strategy, direct marketing, and email marketing.

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2 - 9 Employees

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What is Small Giant Email Marketing Agency?

Small Giant is an email marketing agency that prides itself on its prompt and efficient communication with clients. With a variety of contact options available including calls, texts, and emails, Small Giant ensures that clients are able to easily reach out and receive a response promptly. While they may not have a fax machine themselves, Small Giant appreciates the retro style of those who still utilize this communication method.


  • Small Giant email marketing agency offers multiple communication channels for contacting them, including call, text, and email.
  • The agency humorously acknowledges the retro style of faxing, even though they do not have a fax machine.
  • Small Giant email marketing agency prioritizes personalized customer service by having one of the partners personally respond to inquiries.


  • Personalized approach to email marketing campaigns.
  • Responsive customer support available via multiple communication channels.
  • Expertise in digital marketing strategies to maximize email campaign effectiveness.
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