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Marketing Zen is a full-service digital marketing company based in Dallas, Texas, and founded in 2009. Its team of about 20 serves clients worldwide and specializes in social media marketing, though Marketing Zen also offers public relations and video production services.

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The YMCA,Texas Alliance,KD Conservatory,Haggar Clothing Co.

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50 - 249 Employees

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What is Zen Media Email Marketing Agency?

Zen Media is a B2B marketing and PR agency that guarantees ROI for brands through data-driven communications and marketing. They have a track record of success with both enterprise and start-up companies, helping them grow their brands. Zen Media has received positive feedback from their clients for their expertise, creativity, and quality of work. They offer services such as content creation, PR, social media management, and speaking engagements.


  • Zen Media is a B2B PR and marketing agency.
  • They guarantee ROI for B2B brands through data-driven communications and marketing.
  • They have a proven approach using content, PR, and social media to create relevance, increase reach, and generate revenue.


  • Zen Media email marketing agency helps brands increase revenue through data-driven communications and marketing.
  • Zen Media has a track record of driving positive outcomes and a return on investment for their clients.
  • Zen Media has a unique blend of creativity, optimism, and effective workflow, resulting in their clients being featured in reputed publications like Forbes and Fast Company.
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