Email, duh! Email Marketing Channel

Interviews with industry experts to discuss email deliverability

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George Schlossnagle

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Email Deliverability Email Marketing
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  • ⭐ Deep dive into deliverability factors
  • ⭐ Analysis of causes of a poor deliverability rate
  • ⭐ Actionable takeaways on landing in the inbox by industry experts

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About Email, duh! Email Marketing Channel:

Email is a powerful marketing channel that allows businesses to optimize email deliverability and sending at scale. With the MessageBird Email platform, companies can send and optimize their emails with confidence, knowing that it is trusted by leading brands like Airbnb, X, and The platform offers features to maintain optimal inbox placement, reduce bounces and delays, and even provides dedicated deliverability experts to ensure that emails are successfully delivered. Additionally, the platform offers enterprise-grade security and intuitive developer APIs for easy integration and management of email campaigns.

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