Matt Helbig Email Marketing Expert

"Email is at its best when it's a dialogue", is what Matt believes. He has owned the successful design/development of email marketing campaigns, led sales support efforts and worked closely with team members on digital strategic initiatives for hundreds of advertisers.

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Epsilon, Really Good Emails

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Who is Matt Helbig?

Matt Helbig is a digital marketer with extensive experience in running conversion centered projects that incorporate data, technology, and creativity. He has worked at various agencies, startups, and as a freelancer over the past 8 years. Currently based in Chicago, IL, Matt is part of the team at Digitas and also collaborates with the creative minds at Really Good Emails. He can be reached via email or through his social media profiles on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About the expert's affiliated organization - Epsilon, Really Good Emails:

Epsilon, a leading global marketing services company, has a dedicated division called "Really Good Emails" that focuses on providing inspiration and resources for creating exceptional email designs and content. With a mission to make the world's emails a better place, Really Good Emails offers a vast collection of curated examples, expert insights, and practical advice to help marketers and designers craft engaging and impactful email campaigns. From design trends to best practices, Epsilon's Really Good Emails is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to elevate their email marketing game.

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