Litmus Proof Email Testing Tool

Improve collaboration and cut review cycles with a single, centralized tool for providing feedback and approvals.

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What is Litmus Proof Email Testing Tool?

Litmus Proof is an email testing tool that aims to streamline the email review and approval process. It allows stakeholders to leave real-time feedback in a consolidated manner, making it easier for email creators to make updates and resolve feedback. With centralized comments and approvals, teams can collaborate more efficiently and ensure error-free emails are sent out on time. Integration with Slack keeps everyone updated and allows for seamless workflow. Overall, Litmus Proof helps teams improve their email marketing efforts through better collaboration and faster feedback cycles.


  • Litmus Proof allows for centralized email collaboration and review process.
  • It helps streamline the review and approval process, saving time and increasing efficiency.
  • Users can gather feedback and insights directly in the email design itself.
  • The tool offers integration with Slack for seamless workflow management.
  • Litmus Proof provides features for tracking approvals and ensuring email quality before sending.


  • Streamlines email review and approval process
  • Centralizes feedback and approvals in one place
  • Integrates with Slack for seamless collaboration workflow


  • Limited customization options for user permissions and access levels.
  • No mention of advanced testing features or integrations with other testing tools.
  • Lack of information on pricing plans and affordability.
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