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Test your design in all the different email client with Campaign Monitor

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What is Campaign Monitor Email Testing Tool?

Campaign Monitor offers a comprehensive email testing tool that provides actionable insights for optimizing email campaigns. With a complete set of reports, users can track opens, clicks, shares, bounces, and other important stats to improve email performance. The tool also allows A/B testing of different elements such as images, content, and subject lines for campaign optimization. Additionally, users can connect their campaigns to third-party analytics tools to compare email performance against other marketing channels and measure the direct impact of email on website activity, conversions, and ROI. With easy-to-use features and seamless integrations, Campaign Monitor's email testing tool helps businesses achieve better results in their email marketing efforts.


  • Gain insights into the health of your marketing with email analytics.
  • Real-time results across the board with interactive dashboards.
  • Actionable insights for your brand's hardest working emails.
  • Set up testing for calculated success with A/B testing and spam testing.
  • Compare email performance against all your marketing channels.


  • Gain actionable insights on improving your email marketing strategy
  • A/B test different elements of your email for campaign optimization
  • Compare email performance against other marketing channels


  • Limited A/B testing options for campaign optimization.
  • Lack of advanced spam testing and preview options.
  • Integration with third-party analytics tools may be limited or challenging.
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