GlockApps Email Testing Tool

G-Lock Apps is an Inbox delivery and spam filter testing service that helps users determine and fix possible deliverability problems before sending the message to the subscribers, users get the report of how email is placed across major ISPs, at what Gmail tab the email is delivered and what ISP blocked the message.

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What is GlockApps Email Testing Tool?

GlockApps is an email testing tool that offers a range of features to help improve email deliverability. With GlockApps, users can test their emails to see where they are being delivered, gain insights and action steps to improve deliverability, and prevent phishing and spoofing attacks. The tool works with all email service providers and email marketing tools, making it a versatile option for businesses of all sizes. Users have praised GlockApps for its easy-to-understand testing, comprehensive deliverability checks, and time-saving capabilities. Overall, GlockApps provides valuable information and tools to enhance the success of email campaigns.


  • Test your email deliverability with 3 FREE spam tests.
  • Protect your email domain for FREE with 10,000 DMARC messages per month.
  • Monitor your website and email infrastructure in one place.
  • Get personalized email deliverability consulting.
  • Easy-to-understand email deliverability testing.


  • Easy-to-understand email deliverability testing.
  • Supports all major and minor email services and provides quick feedback.
  • Comprehensive tool for checking email deliverability with plenty of information to improve deliverability and ROI.


  • Limited in-depth analysis of deliverability issues.
  • Some users may find it difficult to interpret the information provided.
  • May require additional expertise to fully utilize all features and benefits.
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