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Best and cheapest newsletter plugin for WordPress. Send unlimited number of newsletter for free, without installing any further add-ons.

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What is Acymailing Email Testing Tool?

Acymailing is a powerful email testing tool that allows you to test your newsletter content to ensure it is perfect and avoids being considered as SPAM. With Acymailing's Mail Tester tool, you can check your SPAM score to prevent your emails from being flagged. Additionally, Acymailing offers an unlimited number of emails sent from your own server or an external SMTP service, providing you with the freedom and flexibility you need. With features like a drag and drop editor, dynamic WordPress content insertion, and personalization options, Acymailing helps you create engaging and personalized newsletters. Moreover, it offers detailed statistics on newsletter click tracking, marketing conversion, and customer engagement, allowing you to measure the efficiency and success of your email campaigns. Whether you're a WordPress or Joomla! user, Acymailing is a must-have tool to enhance your email marketing strategy.


  • Test newsletter content to avoid glitches and ensure perfection.
  • Check SPAM score to prevent newsletters from being flagged as SPAM.
  • Send unlimited emails from own server or external SMTP service.
  • Drag & Drop Editor for easy template creation.
  • Track newsletter click rates and marketing conversions.


  • Test newsletter content for links, keywords, and images to ensure quality.
  • Check SPAM score to avoid newsletters being considered as SPAM.
  • Send an unlimited number of emails from your own server or external SMTP service.


  • Limited customization options for templates
  • Limited integration with other marketing tools
  • The user interface can be confusing for beginners
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