Verimail Email Verification Tool

Verimail is an email address verification API. It will validate email address format and MX records, correct typos, filter out disposable and role addresses.

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What is Verimail Email Verification Tool?

The Verimail email verification tool is designed to clean email address lists for higher deliverability, more conversions, and lower costs. It offers bulk verification and real-time API services, removing undeliverable and risky addresses, correcting syntax errors, removing duplicates, and detecting invalid domains and disposable addresses. The tool also uses anti-greylisting technology and provides options for both bulk verification and real-time API verification. Verimail prioritizes data privacy and ensures that all services are encrypted, with verified addresses automatically and permanently deleted from servers after every verification.


  • Email address verification tool with bulk verification and real-time API capabilities.
  • Removes undeliverable and risky addresses from recipients list for higher deliverability.
  • Detects and removes syntax errors, duplicates, and common typos from email addresses.
  • Provides SMTP verification, detects invalid domains, catch-all addresses, and disposable addresses.
  • Offers secure and cost-effective services with encrypted data privacy, guaranteed best rates, and automatic deletion of verified addresses.


  • Verimail removes undeliverable and risky email addresses from your recipients list.
  • Verimail corrects common typos and removes duplicates for free.
  • Verimail guarantees the best rates on the market for email address verification.


  • Limited free credits available for verification.
  • Lack of detailed information about the checks and criteria used for verification.
  • Requires technical setup for real-time validation using the API.
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