VoilaNorbert Email Verification Tool

Norbert is an intelligent lead generation tool that can find anyone's corporate email address and enrich it with data that drives conversion.

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What is VoilaNorbert Email Verification Tool?

The email verification tool offered by Voila Norbert is an efficient and accurate solution to ensure that your emails reach real people. By removing duplicate email addresses, filtering out invalid formats, checking for catch-all domains and gibberish fake emails, and verifying the ability of domains to accept emails, Norbert's 8-step email verification process guarantees a high success rate. With improved sender reputation, fewer bounces, increased deliverability, open rates, and engagement, using the email verification tool can ultimately lead to more revenue.


  • Email verification tool with a 98% deliverability rate.
  • Pricing starts at $.003 per email up to 500k and $.001 per email above that.
  • Advanced 8-step email verification process including deduplication, domain verification, syntax validation, catch-all email check, gibberish check, MX record test, freemail check, and SMTP authentication test.
  • Improves sender's reputation, reduces bounces, increases deliverability, open rates, and engagement.
  • Trusted by over 58,897 happy customers.


Pros of the Voila Norbert email verification tool:

  • Advanced 8-step verification process ensures accurate filtering of invalid email addresses.
  • Increases email deliverability and open rates, leading to better engagement and revenue.
  • Trusted by over 58,897 happy customers, indicating reliability and effectiveness.


  • The pricing may not be affordable for small businesses with limited budgets.
  • The passage does not provide any information about the accuracy rate of the email verification tool.
  • The passage lacks specific details about the features and functionality of the email verification tool.
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