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Image Generation with AI by Drew Brucker

Learn to create social media carousels, landing page banners, GIFs/Videos, etc, with tools like MidJourney.


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Key Moments:

09:00 : Real-World application of AI in visual branding

18:00 : AI-Generated content & repurposing

27:00 : Live Demo - Generating images with MidJourney

29:00 : Crafting unique image prompts

32:00 : Image output, selection, and going beyond the initial results with MidJourney

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Meet the Speaker


Drew Brucker

Founder at Brainchild

An award-winning marketing leader who has scaled tech startups, Drew took to AI and started using it to optimize processes and output. He has now founded Brainchild, a design agency that leverages AI to create powerful graphics for brands.

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