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Master Prompt Writing with Heather Murray

Get a demo on writing and modifying effective prompts for all marketing use cases.


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Heather Murray has traveled and spoken at multiple conferences, training professionals to use AI with the right prompts. Her newsletter aims at simplifying AI for non-techies and helping them master it with ease.

In this episode of the AI marketing show, Heather discusses how she forayed into AI and started using it in her own business. She also discloses how she manages to cover all AI developments in her newsletter and send it on time without fail.

But most of the conversation is focused on prompt engineering, which Heather has mastered. She explains the right structure of a prompt to get perfect results and shows how to iterate to improve the output. Watch the episode to learn more.

Key Moments:
07:00 - Implementing AI for productivity

12:00 - Allocating roles and context for effective use

15:00 - Creating a comprehensive ChatGPT prompt

28:00 - Analyzing and iterating on ChatGPT outputs

43:00- Fact-Checking AI content

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Meet the Speaker


Heather Murray

Director at Beesting Digital

Heather is the creator of one of the most popular AI newsletters, “AI for non-techies,” with over 15K subscribers. She heads Beesting Digital, a global agency for tech-driven brands. She has been an avid AI advocate and keynote speaker at multiple conferences.

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