Copywriting with AI by Audrey Chia

Learn how to create no-BS, high-converting copy for landing pages, emails, and ads within minutes using AI tools.


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Audrey is known for known for providing high-converting copies in record time - all thanks to her ability to integrate AI with her copywriting methods. In her career, she has written scroll-stopping copies for ads, landing pages, and LinkedIn posts. In this conversation, she reveals her process of writing them with the help of AI.

Watch this episode and learn to use AI tools to optimize the quality of your copies and increasing the production speed. Audrey also gives a live demo of how she uses AI everyday for her client work.

Key Moments:

07:00 : Implementing AI for productivity

12:00 : Allocating roles and context for effective use

15:00 : Creating a comprehensive ChatGPT prompt

28:00 : Analyzing and iterating on ChatGPT outputs

43:00 : Fact-Checking AI content

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Meet the Speaker


Audrey Chia

Founder at Close with Copy

Audrey is known for crafting high-conversion copy with AI. She founded Close with Copy, a first-of-its-kind copywriting agency that delivers a unique blend of AI and strategic copywriting tailored to each brand.

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