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Filez, founded in 1999, is an Argentinian based design company in Buenos Aires that focuses primarily on enterprise and mid-market companies. With a team of 9, Filez focuses their efforts on branding strategies and graphic design in the advertising and marketing industries.

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PayPal,World Bank,IDB,Meridional Seguros

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2 - 9 Employees

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What is Filez Email Marketing Agency?

Filez is an email marketing agency that is based in Argentina but has a global reach. With over 21 years of experience in various design fields such as Corporate Identity, Print, and Web Design, Filez offers creative and unique solutions to communication problems. Their team is flexible and adaptable, ensuring that each project receives the right combination of talent and expertise. With a strong focus on client satisfaction, Filez aims to work until the client is happy, leaving no room for compromise.


  • Filez is a design studio with a global reach.
  • They have over 21 years of experience in various design fields.
  • Filez works diligently until their clients are happy, with no excuses.


  • Filez has over 21 years of experience in various design fields, including Corporate Identity, Print, and Web Design.
  • They provide a creative and unique approach to solving communication problems for their clients.
  • Filez is known for their quality designs, prompt project completion, and excellent customer service.
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