Jason Rodriguez Email Marketing Expert

Jason is currently the Email Marketing Manager at Bonfire, where he helps empower activists, nonprofits, and creators to make money and do good things in the world.

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Who is Jason Rodriguez?

Jason Rodriguez is a tech worker known for his expertise in writing, designing, coding, and marketing. He is a member of the marketing operations team at GitHub and also helps others learn about email design and development through his platform called The Better Email. He shares his knowledge and insights on his blog and is focused on finding the fun in computers, making music, avoiding burnout, and developing healthier habits. Despite his opinions being his own, Jason works collaboratively with his colleagues and remains open to engaging with others through various channels.

About the expert's affiliated organization - Bonfire:

A bonfire is a traditional outdoor gathering where a large fire is lit and serves as a focal point for socializing and warmth. These events often take place during special occasions, such as festivals, camping trips, or backyard parties, and bring people together to relax, share stories, sing songs, and roast marshmallows or other food over the flames. Bonfires create a cozy and inviting atmosphere and promote a sense of community as friends and family gather around the roaring fire to enjoy each other's company.

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