Kristin Bond Email Marketing Expert

Email copywriter, designer, coder, sender, planner, and more. Kristin has spoken at several email marketing conferences and writes the blog

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Women of Email.

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Who is Kristin Bond?

Kristin Bond is a highly accomplished professional in the field of email marketing, with expertise in various aspects of the industry. As an email copywriter, designer, coder, sender, planner, and more, Kristin possesses a diverse skill set that allows her to excel in all facets of email marketing. Her extensive knowledge and experience have made her a sought-after speaker at numerous email marketing conferences, where she shares her insights and expertise with fellow professionals.

About the expert's affiliated organization - Women of Email.:

Women of Email is a global organization dedicated to promoting and supporting women in the email industry. With a mission to empower women to succeed, they provide a platform for networking, professional development, and knowledge sharing among women in the field. Through events, webinars, mentorship programs, and resources, Women of Email strives to foster a diverse and inclusive community, bridging the gender gap in the world of email marketing and technology.

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