Lauren Smith Email Marketing Expert

Lauren has her hands involved with all things marketing at Litmus. Whether it’s blogging, tweeting, or helping plan conferences, she’s always on the lookout for anything that will help the world send better emails.

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Senior Director of Acquisition Marketing

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Who is Lauren Smith?

Lauren Smith is an expert in email marketing. She has extensive knowledge and experience in designing, building, personalizing, testing, and analyzing effective email campaigns. With her expertise, she helps companies optimize their email marketing strategy and ensure they are sending high-quality emails that resonate with their audience. Lauren's insights and guidance are highly valued by her clients, making her a trusted resource in the email marketing industry.

About the expert's affiliated organization - Litmus.:

Litmus is a natural dye that is derived from lichens. It is commonly used as an indicator in chemistry to determine whether a substance is acidic, alkaline, or neutral. Litmus paper is often used in laboratories and classrooms to quickly and easily test the pH level of a solution. When litmus paper is dipped into a solution, it changes color depending on the acidity or alkalinity of the solution, making it a simple and effective tool for identifying the chemical nature of substances.

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