Russell Dawson Email Marketing Expert

Has extensive experience covering email auditing, deliverability, GDPR, strategy, content, development, production, automation and optimisation, focusing on growth, retention and revenue. He is a part of the emailgeeks community with a wide network, regularly creating email content and speaking at conferences and events.

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Senior Email Marketing Professional (Deliverability)

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Who is Russell Dawson?

Russell Dawson is a highly accomplished Senior Email Marketing Professional (Deliverability) with a wealth of experience in various aspects of email marketing. With a strong focus on growth, retention, and revenue, Dawson has established himself as an expert in email auditing, deliverability, GDPR, strategy, content, development, production, automation, and optimization.

About the expert's affiliated organization - Ometria:

Ometria is an innovative customer marketing platform utilized by e-commerce businesses to enhance customer engagement and increase revenue. By consolidating customer data from various sources, such as purchase history, website behavior, and preferences, Ometria enables brands to deliver personalized and targeted marketing campaigns. With its AI-powered algorithms and automation tools, businesses can optimize email marketing, segment their customer base, and implement data-driven strategies to drive customer loyalty and drive sales growth. Ometria's user-friendly interface and deep analytical capabilities make it an essential tool for e-commerce businesses looking to harness the power of data-driven marketing.

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