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Rémi Parmentier, also known as HTeuMeuLeu is an email and web developer. He cares about the Web, accessibility, and the quirkiness of HTML emails.

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The original email detective.

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The original email detective.

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Who is Rémi Parmentier?

Rémi Parmentier, also known as HTeuMeuLeu, is an email and web developer. He has written articles on various topics related to email development, including remaking responsive illustrations in HTML emails and fixing Gmail's dark mode issues with CSS Blend Modes. He also shares his favorite articles, such as the importance of choosing the right doctype in HTML emails and understanding Outlook's rendering engine. You can follow Rémi Parmentier on Twitter, GitHub, and Youtube.

About the expert's affiliated organization - The original email detective.:

The Original Email Detective is a unique and invaluable online tool specifically designed to help users track down the original source and history of any email. With just a few simple steps, users can uncover valuable information such as the IP address, originating server, and even the geographical location of the sender. This powerful tool is a must-have for individuals, businesses, and law enforcement agencies alike, providing the ability to verify the authenticity of emails and ultimately ensure online safety and security.

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