Lead magnet

Lead magnet email flow

Send this series to people who have signed up to get your lead magnet (e-book, white paper, checklist, etc.).

šŸŽÆ The goal of this sequence

  • Share the resource they signed up for

  • Get them to check out your offerings

Recommended emails in this sequence: 4 emails

Optimum flow time: 1 week

Emails in this sequence

Email # 1: Resource giveaway

šŸ“© Why this email

Share the resource your audience signed up for immediately before they get distracted.

šŸ’¼ Expert tip

"After sending them the resource, have an exit condition wherein if the lead has previously gotten a marketing email from you in the last 30 emails, you can remove them from this lead magnet nurture sequence."

-Siddharth Sharma

Email # 2: Value benefit

šŸ“© Why this email

Your audience has downloaded a certain lead magnet because they are interested in the topic and are looking for a solution to their pain point. So, show them how you can help them out or how your offering solves their pain points.

āœ… Best practice

Share only relevant offerings for their pain points instead of the generic pitch to get better results.

šŸ“© Why this email

Apart from offerings that can solve their pain points, include other offerings that they might be interested in or find useful.

Email # 4: Nudge

šŸ“© Why this email

Send a final email encouraging them to sign up and try out your offerings.

ā›” Sequence exit

Send the audience to the onboarding series based on the user's actions.

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