Churned customers

Churned customers email flow

Send this sequence to customers who have stopped using your offering for 2-3 months.

šŸŽÆ The goal of this sequence

  • Get feedback from churned customers to know why they stopped using your offering.

  • Keep in touch with them to increase the chances of regaining them in the future.

Recommended emails in this sequence: 2 emails

Optimum flow time: 3 days

Emails in this sequence

Email # 1: Feedback email

šŸ“© Why this email

Ask them why they stopped using your offering. Also, ask them about their overall experience with your company and what you could have done differently.

Email # 2: Keep in touch

šŸ“© Why this email

Share how you plan to implement the feedback. Stay in touch through quarterly/sporadic product or company updates once in a while.

ā›” Sequence exit

Remove the users from marketing email sequences.

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