Payment reminder

Payment Reminder email flow

Suppose customers have to make regular payments (monthly, quarterly, or annually). In that case, you can send them this series to remind them about the upcoming payment due.

šŸŽÆ The goal of this sequence

  • Remind customers of upcoming payment

  • Notify customers of any pending dues

  • Get customers to make the timely payment

Recommended emails in this sequence: 4 emails

Optimum flow time: 1 week

Emails in this sequence

Email # 1: Payment notification

šŸ“© Why this email

Customers are not always on track with the different payments that they have to make. So, send them an email 1 week in advance to notify them about any payments they have to make, like paying off the loans or credit card dues, investments, etc.

Email # 2: Reminder - 5 days before

šŸ“© Why this email

Send a payment reminder email after a few days. Remind them to have sufficient balance on their bank account to make sure the payment happens smoothly if it is automated. Send them the total amount to be paid with a payment link if it's not automated.

Email # 3: Reminder - 1 day before

šŸ“© Why this email

Send them another reminder a day or two before the due date, just in case they haven't opened the previous emails. You can also supplement these emails with push notifications, SMS, or in-app notifications to ensure you reach the customers.

Email # 4: Final nudge

šŸ“© Why this email

Send them a final reminder email on the day of payment due to nudge them to make the purchase. Also, briefly inform them what would happen if they did not make the payment and the consequences they would face.

ā›” Sequence exit

Move them to churned customers, re-engagement, or upsell/cross-sell series based on the user's actions.

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