Upsell-cross-sell email flow

It's more difficult to constantly bring in new customers than to get existing customers to buy from you again. Use this upsell/cross-sell series to get existing customers to spend more on your company, thus increasing your revenue.

šŸŽÆ The goal of this sequence

The main goal of this sequence is to get customers to buy more from your company.

  • Get customers to buy a premium version of the product

  • Get them to buy add-ons or other products that will be helpful based on the product they have already got from you

Recommended emails in this sequence: 3 emails

Optimum flow time: 4 days

Emails in this sequence

Email # 1: Offering email

šŸ“© Why this email

Showcase the product/service you want to upsell/cross-sell. Explain how the product, like a loan or investment, is better than the one they were interested in. Recommend other products that might be helpful for them based on their browse or purchase history. Focus on one goal at a time, either upsell or cross-sell.

Email # 2: Benefits

šŸ“© Why this email

Go more in detail about the product and its benefits, and compare it to other products they are interested in. Highlight specific features that the customers might want when deciding to purchase.

Email # 3: Nudge

šŸ“© Why this email

Send a final nudge to get them to upsell/cross-sell. If you feel they might require customer support, you can ask them to book a call with your customer support team. Add some helpful resources to learn about the product if they don't want to talk to your team member.

ā›” Sequence exit

Move them to feedback, re-engagement, or referral series based on the user's actions.

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