Post-event nurture

Post-event nurture email flow

Use this post-event sequence to nurture attendees and get them to try out your offerings. It’s more likely to get conversions since they've interacted with your brand recently.

🎯 The goal of this sequence

  • Use your understanding of the attendee's pain points and interests to nurture them

  • Get them to check out your products/services and make a purchase

Recommended emails in this sequence: 4 emails

Optimum flow time: 1 week

Emails in this sequence

Email # 1: Event follow up

πŸ“© Why this email

If it was an online event, share the recording with attendees and non-attendees. Suggest other relevant resources or upcoming webinars.

Email # 2: Solve a pain point

πŸ“© Why this email

The people who have signed up for your event are interested in the topic and are probably looking for a solution to their pain points. So, show them how your offering can help them or solve their pain points.

Email # 3: Nudge action

πŸ“© Why this email

Provide an exclusive offer or other incentives to get them to try out your offering.

β›” Sequence exit

Send the audience to the onboarding series based on the user's actions.

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