Shopify Email Marketing with interactive emails

Send interactive AMP emails to your customers with Mailmodo and enable them to shop within email for higher sales

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Reduce the steps for your Shopify customers to checkout

Easy store integration

Pull out branding, product, and transaction info inside the emails with an easy Shopify integration

Higher cart recovery

Trigger interactive cart recovery and product recommendation emails with customer behavior

Enable in-mail checkouts

Your customers can adjust quantity, types, and payment methods inside emails without redirects

3 quick steps to Shopify Email Marketing with Mailmodo

Connect your Shopify Store

Integrate with ease

Add your Shopify store to Mailmodo easily using API key and import all brand and product data

Verify your details

Confirm your shop name, product brands, email id, and other details pulled in from your Shopify store d

Add payment mode

Configure payment gateway to collect online payments from emails and enable Cash-on-Delivery if required

Create your Shopify email

Choose a template

Choose a ready-made eCommerce email template from our growing template library or create one from scratch

Create & Customize with Editor

Customize the template or create a new one using Mailmodo's drag -and-drop editor without any coding

Add Shopify blocks

Add Shopify Product Recommendation or Cart Recovery blocks in the template with a click

Start your Shopify campaigns

Trigger Cart Recovery Emails

Setup transactional email journey for cart recovery and trigger emails everytime a cusotmer abandons cart

Send Promotional Campaigns

Send Product recommendation and Sale or Offer email campaigns to your Shopify contacts

Analyze Campaign Performance

Analyze the performance of your cart recovery journey and promotional campaigns with Mailmodo's email analytics dashboard

More features to boost your Shopify email marketing

Email Deliverability

Get high deliverability with well managed & dedicated IPs and timely suggestions from our deliverability experts

Visual journey builder

Build detailed email automation journeys for leads and customers with conditional decision-making using our visual journey builder

More Integrations

Integrate with CRMs like HubSpot and unlock the power of interactive AMP widgets like Google Sheet, Calendly, Zoom, and more

Contact List Management

Import your Shopify contacts and segment them based on attributes and email behaviours like Open, Click & Form Submissions

Interactive Survey Forms

Design interactive product review and customer feedback forms that can be filled by your customers inside their emails

Complete Email Analytics

Analyze the performance of your cart recovery and product emails with visualizations, insights, and a comprehensive dashboard.

Use cases for Shopify Email Marketing with Mailmodo

Recover Abandoned Carts

Send Promotional Emails

Collect feedback

More Use Cases

Our clients speak

Companies Trust Mailmodo to Deliver Great Email Experience


Easy to use and create the campaigns, love the automation you can create, really helps spend less time prospecting

Oscar M

Marketing Manager, Economista


The Mailmodo team is extremely responsive, helping to troubleshoot any questions or concerns. Their customer service has been unparalleled

Kate Lotz

Associate Director, UnivAssist


It's great to be able to get interactions within the email itself without taking the user out of context

Hugo Alves

Senior Product Manager, Prolific


Transactional email is a type of automated email that is triggered by a user action. Transactional email is sometimes called “triggered” email and is primarily functional while providing an anticipated update to an action or a request made by the recipient.
AMP emails are just like any other emails except the fact that they come with a number of superpowers and don't render in every email client at present. There aren't any other limitations.
At present, AMP is supported by Gmail, GSuite, Yahoo, and When a user's email client doesn't support AMP emails, the recipient will be able to see plain HTML email which we provide options for.
Mailmodo helps you and other marketers create actionable AMP emails without any coding knowledge. You just have to drag and drop blocks and edit them as per your needs. We also help you to send any number of emails using your own or our SMTP

Charge up your Shopify email marketing with interactive emails