Email Performance Audit

Audit your email performance by analyzing the metrics


What will this help with?

  • Understanding your present campaigns' performance

  • Identifying email KPIs for your business

How to audit your email metrics?

  1. Go to the campaign dashboard of your email marketing platform or ESP.

  2. Check the overall performance of your campaigns. Some metrics to track are:

  • Open rate
  • Click rate and Click-to-open rate (CTOR)
  • Submission rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Unsubscribe rate
  • Number of contacts
  • Number of campaigns or emails sent per month
  1. Record these details to compare them at the end of the challenge and measure the improvement.

  2. Set a goal for your email marketing plan which ties in with your business KPIs (e.g., signups or demos). Read this guide for more inspiration.

  3. Track your progress (weekly or monthly) in a spreadsheet. You can use this ready-to-use template we've made.

  4. Analyse your campaign’s performance with industry benchmarks to determine where you stand w.r.t. your industry average. You can use the email benchmarks in the State of Email 2023.

How to audit your email metrics in Mailmodo?

  1. In your Mailmodo account, click on the campaigns tab (Bulk/Trigger) to see the overall performance.

  2. Use filters like triggers (for trigger campaigns), status, and date to track particular campaigns.

  3. Set a goal for your email marketing plan which ties in with your business KPIs (e.g., signups or demos).

  4. Check how your campaigns perform against your brand and industry benchmarks.

BONUS: With the goal-tracking feature, you can track business goals directly in Mailmodo. Read more about how to set it up here.

goal-tracking feature

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