All About Open Rates and Click-through Rates in 2021

Open rate and CTR or Click-through rate

Every marketer needs to know how people are reacting to their emails so that they can figure out what customers they need to focus on. This can be done using open rates and CTRs and this also helps them in improving the email marketing process and increasing the leads funnel. In this blog, we will understand what Open Rates and CTR are, how to measure them, and how to interpret them to improve email marketing conversions.

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What is open rate?

Email open rate is the proportion of people checking or opening the email sent by individuals or companies. It shows how many subscribers are viewing the emails sent in an email campaign.

What is click-through rate?

Click-through rate is the proportion of people or subscribers who click on a particular link out of the total users who view the email, advertisements, or webpage.

Why is it important to monitor open rate and CTR

Both open rate and click-through rate help to understand an audience base and reach maximum people. However, many factors can impact these rates, like the presentation of content, images, keywords, relevant information, and many others.

These factors can point out why your email conversions the way they are. If ignored, these can lead to the loss of prospective customers.

Benchmarks for Open Rate and CTR

The average email open rate is 17.80% although it varies from industry to industry too. It acts as a standard measure to know that the company is succeeding or failing in its email marketing efforts. You can work on the email content and strategy and improve the rates.

The percentage of email open rate that is considered good is between 15-20%. The preferable percentage of click-through rate is approximately 2.5%.

Note that these rates may differ depending on the purpose of different companies or individuals.

Measuring open rate and CTR

The formula for calculating these rates are as follows:

Open rate = ( The number of people who have opened your email/ The number of people who have received your email) X 100

CTR = ( The number of people who have clicked on your CTA or a link/ The number of people who have received your email) X 100

For example:- If you had ten clicks on the link and it has reached 100 people, then the click-through rate would be 10%.

Benefits of tracking open rates and CTRs

There are many benefits to measuring and tracking these rates. The most important are as follows:

Reaching Maximum People

Email open rate and click-through rate help the marketer to reach the maximum number of people. They get a fair idea about what content people like to see. In case the rate is low, then they can improve by using creative ideas in the emails.

Improving Performance

These rates help to improve the overall performance of the marketers as they get to know what people are likely to read more, and thus they focus more on the relevant content.

Saving Time

These rates save a lot of time for the marketers by targeting the right audience as they get the percentage of people who click the links and thus focusing more on them.

High Conversion Rate

These rates can help in the conversion of sales as a higher percentage of people opening the email means a higher possibility of sales.

Saving Cost

Emails are the cheapest way to build relationships with customers and attract them to buy the product. These rates will let the marketers plan and devote their time towards their valuable customers for better ROI.

How to improve open rates and CTRs

Improving open rates and CTRs might be very essential to improve the marketing and sales performance of your business. Here are a few important things that can help you to build a solid open rate and CTR.

Whitelist information

Within your email, you can write instructions to whitelist your email address so that people don't miss out on your email.

Creative content

The content should be unique and should attract more and more customers, and by using creative content within your email, you can turn your emails into sales.

Simple Language

The language of the text within your email should be easy to understand and informal so that people can relate to it.


The content should be precise, and to the point, because long emails can be challenging to read, then you will lose potential customers.

Double opens

You can send your email again to the customers who haven't seen your email or missed it. It will help you to reach the customers and gain the chance for sales.

Use of proper images and keywords

It is essential to use relevant photos as they can directly have a significant impact on the customers. Similarly, the right keywords are critical for the content to trigger a customer's mind.


Getting a good open rate and CTR in establishing a good email marketing strategy. This requires planning and executing email marketing campaigns as per the industry best practices.

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