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How to Create a Newsletter That Generates Leads

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How to Increase the Free-To-Paid Conversion Rate

Not paying attention to your free-to-paid conversion rate can result in a significant loss. Here, Emilia Korczynska, Head of Marketing at Userpilot, has explained how you can increase the free-to-paid conversion rate.

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How to Boost Recurring Revenue with Email Marketing

Scaling subscriptions and minimizing churn rate are the two things that can alone boost your recurring revenue. Here, Matthew Holman, Co-founder of Qpilot, explains in detail the science of boosting recurring revenue via email marketing.

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Activating YouTube as a Marketing Channel in B2B

With 15+ years of experience in data-driven B2B marketing and expertise in content and HubSpot CRM/Marketing, Ali Schwanke the founder of Simplestrat has shared some amazing insights on how to activate Youtube as a B2B marketing channel. Tune in now!

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